A Day In Singapore

From Denpasar, Bali to Singapore Airport – I landed late at night. Luckily the public transport in Singapore is really good so I managed to get the rail to near my hostel in Little India. Even if I did have to walk for 15 minutes in the humid and slight spitting of rain to my hostel, I arrived checked in and luckily I wasn’t the only one awake in the hostel so I did not feel bad for waking people up!

Before I headed I had checked out the Couch Surfing scene in Singapore as it seemed very popular here. I was inundated with offers to stay at locals houses however I thought I did not want to impose as a lot still lived at home with their family, and I thought maybe I could try meet some people in the hostel, so instead I took all of their advice and recommendations and decided what I wanted to see from there. One guy in particular had sent me a mighty long list of a full guide to Singapore which he had created over the years for tourists and it was very useful and helpful! His mum was a teacher so they often had kids over in the house and would have been there the day I was there, so instead I decided just to meet up with Bang, that was his name, the next day so I could meet a local and have someone to have a look around with.

In the morning I decided to check out the area and a place called Arab Street and Haji Lane was on my list of things to see, so I headed there. I walked around some pedestrianised area where there were a load of school kids and some cool buildings and architecture of the mosques. Haji lane was a quirky little street where there were a lot of street art on the walls and all the cafes and shops were all decorated on the outsides and had a lot of visual elements and kind of reminded me of a mix between Camden Market area in London, and the Graffiti lanes in Melbourne.

I checked out some markets, and there were so much food and fake gadgets and souvenirs being sold, but instead I got a fruit smoothie which was $2 so cheap! Then I decided to try find a cat cafe, it was very hidden and the locals had no idea where it was but eventually I found a sign and it was up a back staircase off the main street, though when I entered it was just an area with a lot of cats and you had to pay around $15 just to enter but then the drinks were fairly cheap, but I did not want to pay that much so instead I turned around and left the cats to it!

One thing that was annoying about Singapore was the fact that a lot of the free wifi that was available at cafes and even mcdonalds etc, you had to have a phone number that you could receive a text message to get the code needed – which I did not have as my sim card was still a top up Aussie one! So when I was organising to meet with Bang I had to find a mall to get wifi in order to make sure I could find him haha!

For lunch I met with my new couch surfing friend and we went for some food inside a shopping mall, but it was good, local and pretty reasonable priced!

Then we headed to walk around the water front where you can see Marina Bay Sands hotel and a skyline of the city! Singapore is very humid and apparently is like that a lot of the time so I didn’t see too many people walking around everywhere midday!

Next we headed into the mall and saw a cool installment of a three story circle of lights and on the bottom interactive screens that imitated water and fish and when the kids were running around it would move to follow them and they could move the waves around which was cool!

Then we went to the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel and you can see a great view of the Bay of Gardens’ trees poking out the top of the city. Finally I got to see why I came to Singapore in the first place – Planet Earths featured Bay of Gardens!!!! It was like I was looking at an Avatar Pandora themed world! So funky.

Then Bang headed off, and I left to go and check out the gardens and hang around until the evening for the light show! So I entered the man made gardens and relaxed with my kindle trying to secure myself a good spot for my gopro to capture the evenings light show in the ‘trees’.

Unfortunately, maybe because of the time of day, but I did not see too much wildlife around the trees probably only a few birds, but it was still cool all the same. Also, during the light show some family came and sat in front of me, and the woman kept telling her kids to stay out of the way of my camera and then proceeded to keep waving her arms in front of it and moving around all still whilst telling her kids not to do this…. thanks random woman.

Whilst sat waiting for the light show I overheard a woman and her daughter next to me talking to another girl about Leeds University, so I joined in on the conversation and we were all surprised like wow that’s crazy, and as I went to grab food with the other girl it turned out she is from the same hometown as my university housemate and knew of her and her sister – small world!

The following day I was going to extend my stay, however it was being a hassle so instead I just decided to book a bus to leave to head to Kuala Lumpur! I arrived at a random area that apparently was the bus stop, and a couple waiting there had the same company and bus number but different time so at least we were in the same place so couldn’t be too wrong! The bus was an hour late and it took ages to get to KL as you have to get out and take your baggage through customs at the border. Though we were lucky and went straight through, others apparently had to wait over 2 hours in the queues there at peak times!

Although my time in Singapore was brief, it was a nice little stop over and I was ready to head out of the city!

What do you think of Singapore?? Where are you travelling in South East Asia at the moment?! Comment below!


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