What Is In A Blog Name?

One view at a time. A blog name I came up with last year. A brief overview of what travel is – because when you look around you see the one view you’re looking at.

That is what I thought my travel was going to consist of: travelling from place to place and seeing what I wanted to see, merely ticking off places on the map.

But after travelling a bit more I have come to realise it’s actually not like that at all. I may go around to places to see something because it is a classic tourist thing to see, but a lot of my journey has consisted of finding new places, less known places, off the tourist track that has captured more connection from me to my surroundings.

When you are staring at the landscape, or scene or whatever in front of you, there are different aspects occurring everywhere you look, there’s different senses – smell, sounds – different thoughts.

You absorb different levels of the events happening. You interpret it individually to the person stood next to you.  For someone else it can mean one thing, but for you that moment can mean something unique.

Now comes to mind the phrase: ‘if you can’t share a photo on social media or with anyone else would you still take the photo’. A photo can be a memory, but if you stand and absorb the scene in front of you enough will it make a lifetime impression without needing to see the picture?

Yes, I like to take pictures, I like to look back at my photos and reminisce. Sometimes a photo can be simple, but it can help me to remember the other events around the photo and other memories attached that contain more emotion and stories than the simple image.

For the last few months I haven’t had my proper phone with me, instead a cheap one that I don’t like using. Therefore, I have been using my GoPro to take photographs. This takes less time, point and shoot, I don’t stand there getting the best lighting, I just take a few different angles and hope for the best (clearly a Pro GoPro-er). So instead I have been spending my time taking in my surroundings, absorbing all the different elements to the landscape stood in front of me. Now when I think back to a certain place it can be so vivid and have much more depth to the memory than some other places where I walked in, took some photos, then left.

I appreciate the scenery more, I look for things other people may not have spotted. My favourite place for doing this is waterfalls. Waterfalls are so captivating, I could sit and watch one all day long. The different rocks creating different patterns of water, the different flows of water affecting the shapes falling, the sound of gushing water falling to the ground, everything there is to see I try to see it.

Getting a new perspective of the world is what travel is about. You create a new way of seeing the world and finding a way to interpret your surroundings.

We may only have One View At A Time, but we absorb More Than One Element at all times.



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