Tasmania – What A Beautiful Devil

Before I came to Australia I had my heart set on doing farmwork in Tasmania. I don’t really know why, as I didn’t really see any photos I just had a feeling it would be cool – especially being in a different area of Australia where not everyone manages to go to.

However, I didn’t plan it very well. I arrived at the end of some fruit seasons, so when I got a job, it ended the same week. Further, so many backpackers come here just for the farmwork so both of the working hostels (yeah there’s only two on the island which is a shame) were very busy.

So what do you do when you hear someone talk about doing a road trip around Tassie in the meanwhile? Of course you jump in on the plans!

The plans were shaky, I didn’t really know everyone, and I had the problem of trying to find another car so we would all fit with our luggage. So the morning we were to depart I managed to find the cheapest car I could and had to go to Hobart to pick it up. Simple.

We parted from the third car who had to go and explore Bruny Island before carrying on with their plans, since the rest of us had done Bruny Island with the rest of the hostel the day before!

So off we headed, saying sad goodbye to everyone I had met during the past week at the hostel, to go pick up the car, go and get some camping gear and the most important FOOD.

Then once we were all ready we set off – in the wrong direction first ofc – but then we were on track. Driving through the scenic Tassie landscapes, watching the views of the coastline, stopping to check out the view and stretch our legs before reaching the first destination of the Remarkable Caves.GOPR1921.JPG

Of course, the name is quite a statement but it provided us with an ongoing joke for the rest of the trip. Remarkable. GOPR1931.JPG

Next we set out to find some free camping – no success though and we had to pay but at least we sorted out our national park pass! And we had a beautiful view over the water, sunset and not to mention the wallabies and possums who came to say hi!




GOPR1983.JPGNext day we were on the road again. We set off to try and find the Historical Site as one of the guys wanted to see the prison, but on closer inspection it looked like a waste of money ($39) just to look around which is crazy! So instead we set off to find Devil’s Kitchen.


What a remarkable view.


So many beaches to see! I did not expect Tasmania to have so many nice beaches! Of course it isn’t quite the weather to go and sit on the beach but of course it doesn’t harm to have a look and take a few pictures!



That night we found a free camp and bumped into a group of people from the hostel. Tas is so small we keep bumping into people we know everywhere, it’s great!

We managed to pile 6 of us into the back of Nicola’s car to play a game of cards. Was all good until we realised we couldn’t open the boot from the inside!

Not to mention we had a once in a lifetime opportunity that night – Super Blood Blue Moon. A phenomenon that happens once a century, and being in Tasmania we were some of very few people who could actually view it, and the clouds were in our favour! Was incredible to see this red moon, in all its glory whilst stood next to a toasty fire.


When in Freycinet National Park of course you have to go to Wineglass Bay! In the morning we set off, stopping to get some lunch on the way, and headed to the bottom of Wineglass Bay ready to hike up to the top and see the stunning views.


The hike was a good workout, climbing up steep rocks, having to make sure we didn’t lose our footing. And when Yuta tried hiking in flip flops of course he broke them and had to do the whole thing bare foot…



Wineglass bay hike is a definite must! Just look at the views! And there is nothing more satisfying than doing a challenging hike and being able to admire the effort and the views from the top of a mountain. For anyone who knows me well, knows that there is nothing I love more than this feeling!

Going down the mountain on the other hand was a different story… With parts that you would slip down and have to make a leap of faith occasionally, I ended up jumping on my ankle funny and ended up with a slightly swollen ankle.. But it didn’t stop me wanting to go for another longer hike next!

Moving from Freycinet, we decided to head West and go to Cradle Mountain! The holy grail of Tasmania. But on the way, we wanted to see some live Tasmanian Devils in all their glory so we stopped at a devil sanctuary.


Well, now this is a story I won’t ever forget…
So, in the car park we got told that you can touch the devils and whatever… (I guess they meant in the showings they did… but the guys thought otherwise). So we are wandering around, the park to ourselves since we arrived so late, there are kangaroos roaming around freely and loads of enclosures full of Tasmanian Devils. The guys decide that the enclosure is a petting zoo and wander inside to have a closer look at the Devils. Then the guy comes running out screaming, telling us to get out. Then after calming down, takes us around and shows us ‘what would happen if they got you’ walks into an enclosure for the devils to start biting at his feet and squealing at him, and picks one up to show us it’d bite us… You can’t make it up. Looking back at it, it’s hilarious, and I crack up every time. 27750629_1590470421028648_5241712190221756417_n.jpg

Good thing these guys don’t have diseases like all the wild ones eh!

Now after that crazy adventure, onto Cradle Mountain to try find some free camping for the night!GOPR2213.JPG
We found a place eventually in the trees, and it felt magical! It was as though I was in a forest from Harry Potter (ofc my photo doesn’t do justice but trust me). Shame about the leeches though, yuck! 

Next morning, leaving our tents there we headed to Cradle Mountain ready for our 7 hour hike!


What a view! I am honestly blown away by Tasmania and the stunning scenery! (even if the Italians weren’t, pscht). So our hike consisted of kind of going the wrong way and making the track harder for ourselves… But we were heading to the top of the taller jagged rocky mountains!


With so many picturesque spots along the way, after sweating and panting the way up through a mixture of rocky landscapes and paths, and wooden tracks we slowly made our way up! One of the team dropped out, and headed back to the bottom, but that didn’t stop the rest of us, we were heading for the top!

Feeling like a ninja jumping, climbing over and up rocks and testing our muscles we finally reached the top!


Views for daaaaaaaaaays!

Perfect. What a way to spend the day. And a great way to end the trip!

The following day we had to wake up early in order for some of us to take back the rental car and go to Launceston. Saying goodbyes, with sweet memories but of course it is Tasmania so it won’t be goodbye for too long! And of course if all works out with farmwork, I will travel more of Tasmania and keep the memories ongoing!

Thanks for the memories, best road trip ever!

Have you visited Tasmania? Where was your favourite place? Need any suggestions of where to go or anywhere to suggest for me?! Comment below!



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