35 Things That Make A Travellers Day

  1. Finding a hostel that has good FREE wifi.
  2. Walking into a hostel and instantly feeling welcome by everyone there.
  3. Seeing good food on the free shelf (whether its a sauce, cheese or milk free food is great).
  4. Boooze on the free shelf!
  5. When someone leaves something in the shower and you can top up your own supplies (shhhhh).
  6. Getting a bed that’s next to a plug socket!
  7. When you don’t have any plans for a place and you find a buddy that has it all figured out and you can just tag along.
  8. Getting the bottom bed on the bunk.
  9. Thinking it’s a daunting task walking round handing out resumes but then getting a job offer in the first or second place (why did I pay to print out 10?!).
  10. Finding $5 wine in the bottler.
  11. When someone cooks a meal in the hostel and offers you some – no instant noodles tonight!
  12. If someone is leaving the country and offers you a load of their stuff.
  13. Managing to rent a room and being in bliss not sharing a room finally.
  14. After being on the road for more than a week – finding a good shower.
  15. When you are offered a clothes wash for free – heaven.
  16. Being offered a beer in the hostel when you’ve been too lazy to buy your own alcohol.
  17. Clicking instantly with someone!
  18. Doing an intense hike and being greeting by a breath taking view at the top.
  19. When the hostel has good activities that aren’t revolved around drinking every night.
  20. Finding farmwork that is hourly pay (jel).
  21. When the sunset is on point for insta.
  22. Free breakfast in the hostel!!
  23. Meeting someone who has a car and space for you in their car.
  24. When you recognise someones accent and they are from near to your home town.
  25. Being able to charge your phone after a long day of being stingy with your battery.
  26. Posting a good photo knowing the struggles to get the photo but noone else knows.
  27. Being in a city with free wifi everywhere.
  28. Finding a gooood coffee fix.
  29. Creating amazing memories that you laugh about whenever you remember them!
  30. Accumulating more stuff and still managing to fit everything in your backpack when you eventually move locations.
  31. Having the most crazy stories to tell everyone back home.
  32. When the person you travel with takes a good candid photo of you.
  33. Finding a cool view with no tourists!
  34. When your travel plan is very unsure but everything works out in the end.

What are you favourite moments?! Which one do you relate with most? (I know it’s the free stuff – don’t lie!)


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