Keeping Sane Whilst Travelling Solo 

Travelling solo does sometimes come with its downsides. When you are meeting new people who are at different stages of their travel, friends come and go and you don’t always have a consistent person to hang out with.

This can get exhausting, but it can also be exciting. Depends how you look at it, or which mood you’re in.

But as long as you have something you are passionate about, that you can do by yourself or with friends, then you can relax and enjoy your favourite hobby at the same time.

For me – walks in forests, hikes, you know… There is something slightly euphoric about walking down a path overgrown with trees and the sunlight is just peeping through the leaves to hit the floor.

So everytime I need to destress and boost my mood, a little nature adventure always hits the spot. Whether it is just a small walk with some greenery, or a trip to a waterfall, or a hike in a national park – this is how I stop myself from going insane.

Lucky me, with living in Noosa and with the national park right on my doorstep. I can do just that. So every now and again, I go for a little adventure through the forest and last time I made my way from my house to Hell’s gates. Though I did get lost and ended up at dolphin point (but who’s complaining?). I walked the whole way there (50 minutes up and down sandy hills) through the trees, listening to the birds and not one person crossed my path. Perfect.

Aside from hikes, I enjoy creating new henna designs on myself – or other people when they all wanted one too. Which is nice to have something simple that I can use to zone out from the world and shut out my thoughts for half an hour or so, and have a cool design on my leg to show for afterwards!

It is always good to have a hobby or activity to do, that is personal to you that you can do to remember who you are, and not lose yourself always doing things that everyone around you likes to do. Be selfish and have some well needed soul cleansing time.

So on the topic of ways I like to spend my time – here are a few photos from my well needed nature explorations:

All of these photos are from around the Noosa area, at max an hours drive away (hence why I love it here!).

What are your favourite hobbies?! What keeps you sane whilst on the road? Comment below!


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