Australia: Working Holiday Tips?

One Week Until I Fly!

These past few weeks I have been trying to organise myself and my belongings in order to leave the country and not forget to pack/do anything. However, with having a job whilst being at home and not having many days off this has been a challenge!

I have one week until I go down to London ready to fly next Thursday. There are a range of emotions right now, mainly stress, but I am also excited to begin a new chapter, not as a student and into the real world.

After looking online, I figured out there are very few guides that help give a full checklist of all the things you need to prepare for before a Working Holiday Visa therefore in the coming weeks I will try my best to write one and include everything I have done/packed.


There are still many things I have probably missed and haven’t thought of yet, but if anyone wants to comment or send me a message of any little things they missed that they found important, or things you wouldn’t normally think of, that would be great!

Any travel tips? Any WHV advice? What thing have you packed that you found of great use?! Leave me a comment!



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