1 Month Countdown

Here I am again waiting for the final month to pass before I can go exploring the world again. This time I am going the opposite way to America, and will be flying to Australia!

I am going to join all those other uni leavers who are avoiding finding a ‘real’ job straight after university by going to Aus to do a working holiday visa. This involves going to Aus with a year on my visa and I am allowed to work to save up and this will help fund further travelling in Aus or further afield.

I previously went to California, America as part of my study abroad year for my degree. This trip was honestly life changing, and definitely played a part in this future adventure. I spent a whole 11 months in America – studying, making friends, creating memories, finding a new place to call home and also travelling around the country. Coming back to the UK with its miserable weather, and having to study hard for my final year was among reasons to make me realise this isn’t where I want to spend the next couple of years, and I knew I needed to move away once I graduated. What better time to go travelling whilst I am still young and am not tied down with a career!

So currently I am in a relaxed but slightly stressed state of trying to figure out what I need to do before I go and what I will need to take! I have an even more difficult task of trying to fit the right kind of clothes I will need for the year in a backpack instead of a suitcase. I managed to do with a backpack travelling in America for a month, so I have no idea how much of a task it will be packing for a year in Australia! Any ideas??

Comment below, I’d love to hear your advice for packing my bag, what to take, where to go in Australia, what I need to remember to do before I go! If you’ve taken part in a working holiday visa there or just travelled, or is about to depart on the same trip as me, let me know if you have any suggestions, advice or want to chat about your experiences!


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