My Latest Adventure Into Blog Writing

img_6372-2Last year I went to California for a study abroad year and I tried to start a blog to post about my exciting adventures and keep a note of the productive things I had done with my year. This blog lasted for about 3 posts and just did not work out due to my laziness and also that I was too busy trying to have adventures rather than just be writing about them. However, this time I am back and ready to create a new blog for past, and future adventures. Sharing my memories, giving my suggestions and advice for travelling and all round writing what I think others may enjoy to read.

If anyone wants to give me advice, whether it be about travelling or blog writing, I am open to suggestions, or if anyone has any questions about my year then feel free to contact me!
Follow my instagram @oneviewatatime for some visual updates and happy exploring!


3 Replies to “My Latest Adventure Into Blog Writing”

  1. Hello and thanks so much for following. It has given me the opportunity to discover your blog.
    You asked for some advice. Getting started online,( as you probably already found out)
    is not easy given all the other events going on in your life.
    Photos will attract the eye and capture the mind. Well chosen words answer questions.
    Wishing you very good luck with all your endeavors. Eddie


  2. Commitment to a blog is not necessarily easy particularly for a busy person. But for me writing a blog lets me re live my travels. I also find that since starting my blog I see places differently, I experience more and I enjoy much more. I like the simplicity of blog stories that are not too long with lovely photos. Enjoy


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